what we do

we bring together independent brands and stores on the hybrid model to achieve retail success as a community.

we act as a service provider to help brands with market expansion and achieve efficient distribution channels.

we re-utilise untapped spaces, form cahoots with the like-minded visionaries to reimagine spaces into pop-up shopping bazaars or boutiques for independent realists and brands to showcase their products. 

we advocate the bricks- and- clicks new retail movement to achieve lasting retail success for the ever demanding i-want-what-i-want-where-i-want-it you and me. 

who we are

closely knitted clique of friends from the generation X, Y & Z leveraging on each others’ resources, expertise, and tech know-how, to strive for retail success.

in short, the company is formed by the generation XYZ for the generation XYZ & beyond. 


OFFICE 1557 Keppel Road #02-03A Singapore 089066

EMAIL gin.tan@genxyz.com.sg